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Well, hello there, you cheeky tiny dancer! Thanks again for looking in to the dark corners and dusty angles of this page. We really do appreciate it! But really, you’re an instrumental part here. We’re doing this for you. And we want to hear from you. We want to know what you like to read. We want to know what problems we can help you solve. And we want to help you. Plain and simple. You’re our audience. You’re our viewers. You’re the surprise holiday card we get in the mail when we don’t expect anything. We love you and you’re beautiful!

So, why would we want to hear from you? Maybe you have a project we can help with. Maybe you have you and your business and you’d like us and our business to have an anti-corporate high-five because forget the system! Anarchy! ATTICA! Maybe you want one of us or both of us involved in your work. Maybe you want to be a featured guest blogger. Maybe you just want to say hi. Maybe we’re up for 4 days in a row testing methods of making coffee while alternating tears with laughter from season 2 of Orange is the New Black. BEcause if you haven’t seen it yet, that show has some serious feelings.

So. You want to contact us? We’re cool with that. The most direct method is to use this contact form below. We check the emails more than once a day. Not trying to sound desperate or anything. But you’re important to us! You’re like family. Family who reads our blog posts, watches our dumb videos, and makes us feel like we’re a special and unique snow flake. Just like everybody else. If it takes us a bit to get back to you, we’re sorry. There’s a slim chance it’s because of an email flood. To be honest, it’s because we’re working people trying to pump out quality content for you in between shifts, kids, poop, pets, and life. But we’re trying. And my middle school guidance council always said that trying is what counts.

But if you want to STALK us, we’re also bombing the social media sphere!